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Domain Renewal Scams
Online Safety / March 19th, 2017 3:49 pm

If you have a website you of course want to make sure your domain name remains current and updated to avoid losing your domain and access to your website. However like so many things these day, there are scams associated with renewal. These scams are becoming more sophisticated, and harder to distinguish as non legitimate.

Below are some examples of domain renewal scams we know of. If you receive any of these do not pay, contact your actual domain registrar or reseller for all renewals to make all notices are legitimate if you are not sure.

1. Domain Register (domainregister.com.au)

Below is a copy of what the header of the letter will look like:

This is a scam from Domain Register Pty Ltd (ACN: 127 506 807), who send what appears to be an invoice for a domain renewal. This invoice is generally for a domain which is similar to your existing one, eg if you own example.com.au, they’ve sent you an invoice for example.net.au.

They hide the following in the...