One half down is required before starting a custom designed website. The second half will be due and payable upon completion. (That is the day we post it to your URL) Prior to completion you can view your site as it is being built on one of our test servers.

Hosting or Hosting / Maintenance payment may be paid monthly, quarterly or yearly by recurring credit card or debit card billing. If you would like to pay by check it must be paid by the year.

Changes or additions made by customers who are not on a maintenance plan will be charged in 1/2 hour increments for any changes, revamps, or additions to the orginal site at $55.00 an hour and invoiced via secure online link.

Web site design and development is taxable in the state of Texas. Texas residents will pay 8 1/4% state tax. Tax will be due upon completion of job. Hosting is not taxable, so you will not be charged tax on your monthly recurring hosting.

If you need royalty free stock photos for your site, we use two sites that are relativly inexpensive. Those photos sites are: www.123rf.com and www.depositphotos.com.

Costs vary by photos size and are billed out upon completion of site development.


We strive for happy customers.

Before taking any money down for website design, you as a potential customer will approve any design we submit before down payment is made. You must be 100% happy with the design chosen before continuing to the next step. At that time, down payment is made.

After site is completed balance is made. No complete payment is made until site is uploaded and working to the approval of clients.

Because of outsourced purchased scripts, stock photos, AND total customer approval BEFORE PAYMENT IS MADE, no refunds will be made after the first down payment transaction.